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Hi! I'm Melissa. I'm an unashamed lover of Harry Potter, Glee, Doctor Who, Days of Our Lives, Sherlock, Daniel Radcliffe, Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Klaine, WilSon, and some other stuff thrown in. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce is the hottest character to ever grace the fictional world. Also, I'm an unapologetic fan of the NY Mets.

Things to know about me: Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book, The Wizard of Oz has always been my favorite movie, Les Miserables is my favorite Broadway show, and I don't remember life before Harry Potter. My main ships are: Kurt/Blaine (Glee); Will/Sonny (Days of Our Lives); Luke/Reid (As the World Turns); Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter); Doctor/River (Doctor Who); and basically every ship in the Buffyverse.

Feel free to browse through my pages and to ask me stuff or talk to me. I promise I don't bite!

****Not a spoiler free blog****

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Anonymous prompted: klaine au for “i accidentally broke into your apartment because my friend lives next door and i was in the area, drunk, and i thought i was climbing into the right window and falling asleep on the right couch so now i’m hungover and shirtless in your living room so um hi howya doin” (x)

Kurt’s slowly making his way up the fire escape and really starting to regret not getting in that cab with Rachel, insisting he can just crash at Mercedes’ apartment near the club they staggered out of. He pauses, clinging to the railing and thinking, This was such a dumb idea, immediately followed by, Is that glitter on my arm?

He still isn’t entirely sure if it’s a good thing or bad thing that he gets so wild every time he’s at a gay bar, but what’s left of his buzzed, reckless mood has Kurt sneaking into his friend’s apartment through the window, landing on the floor with a soft thump.

Weirdly, he doesn’t remember Mercedes having carpet here. He makes the trek to the couch and collapses and even that feels different, too, but Kurt just chalks it up to the alcohol in his system and wrestles out of his boots and his shirt with a breathless giggle before falling back, tugging a blanket around him.

He should definitely be more suspicious that the blanket smells like some amazing cologne he doesn’t recognize, but he falls asleep before he can really think about it.

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prompt: moody mutant Kurt making it rain and thunder all the time and everyone keeps telling Blaine to screw him so that it can be sunny again. (x)
takes place in a s5 AU right after blaine moves out of the loft.

There’s a loud crack of thunder outside, the video game on the screen flickering for a moment, and Blaine winces when Sam and Artie both groan.

"Dude, you have to do something about this."

"Yeah, Blaine, and no offense, but you two are really depressing to be around when you’re not getting laid every day.”

"That is… so not the reason it’s storming right now!" Blaine protests, but it’s weak even to his own ears. It’s been three days since he moved out and with the exception of their impromptu make out session yesterday afternoon, sunlight streaming into the room, it’s been rainy ever since.

It doesn’t help that Blaine’s an empath, and just knowing that Kurt is miserable at their sudden lack of intimacy is making missing his fiancé that much more painful.

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Will & Sonny Round Robin Thingy in full…


So me and Beautifulhigh like to do the occasional round robin, The rules: we do not discuss what we’re going to write and we do not plann it beyond a) the start time, b) confirmation of the narrative structure.

I post, she adds, I add…

here’s the full result of today’s efforts…

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Klaine Moments Project

"Every time I see you grin I’m such a happy individual"

I miss them so MUCH! I’ve been busy these days but I’ll try to keep track with the project. I have a lot of sketches, what i don’t have is time to give them color!!!!


Klaine Moments Project

"Every time I see you grin I’m such a happy individual"

I miss them so MUCH! I’ve been busy these days but I’ll try to keep track with the project. I have a lot of sketches, what i don’t have is time to give them color!!!!

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Flower Crown [Kurt/Blaine, feat. Brittany] PG


Okay friends Jen wanted Brittany giving Blaine a flower crown and Kurt finding it amusing/horrifying, so here’s the result!

~700 words of fluff ‘n’ stuff, with more fluff coming soon!  (it’s all alluded to in the first couple paragraphs, so that’s what you can expect later today)

Also available on ffnet and AO3.

Brittany’s visits always left an impression. 

Kurt wasn’t sure if this was a direct result of her personality or a result of a series of exceptional coincidences, but in the same week that Brittany was in town, he twisted an ankle, got trapped in an elevator, babysat a keeshond, and adopted three new pieces of furniture.

To say that it was an exciting weekend would be an understatement.

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Fic: The Big Day


anon prompted: kurt becomes groomzilla and blaine is okay with anything as long as he will marry kurt in the end

PG, ~700 words, sheer fluff.

Blaine stopped outside the loft door and took a deep breath, counting to three mentally before sliding the door open and entering the blast area.

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anonymous prompted: blaine asking kurt to eat his ass out

anonymous prompted: you should write a fic where kurts rimming blaine and they get walked in on by santana or something. like blaines on his back with his legs in the air and kurts just going to town and when they notice santana they arnt even phased

anonymous prompted: can you write a fic where kurt or blaine blows/rims the other and like reaaaaaally gets into it?

anonymous prompted: Oh god, I just love love love love your writing so so much. Can I ask for Klaine rimming? I just adore your smuttiness when you write!!! X

“Hey,” Blaine murmurs, draping himself over Kurt’s side, “there’s no one here. We’re alone.”

Any attention that Kurt had been paying to whatever show is on TV is gone the moment Blaine’s lips brush over the exposed skin of his neck and make him start and shiver. They haven’t had a lot of time the past few weeks to fool around, and most nights end up with them falling into bed together, too exhausted to do anything other than sleep. The slight, feathery brush of Blaine’s lips has Kurt groaning, lower lip between his teeth as he tilts his head to the side. He closes his eyes and says, “Oh—yes, and?”

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WilSon ficlet: The List


Title: The List
Author: Jen
Rating: PG
Spoilers: aired eps
Summary: It’s a thing, isn’t it?  You have a list of people you can sleep with and your partner can’t get mad.  But it was’t as if Abby was on EJ’s list, and Sami’s out for revenge, and Sonny has a question for Will.  And there’s a list.

Notes: LA made me write this tonight.  I was going to do more of Heartbeat, but she wanted this.  A thousand words of… this.


"I can’t imagine doing that," Sonny said as they turned down the covers.  "Standing there, making those promises and all the while knowing… that."


"Marrying someone when you know they’ve already betrayed you in the worst way possible.  I don’t… how could you do that?"

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Lights Out [Kurt/Blaine] G


"Hold on, Blaine lit a bunch of candles."

AKA that time when Blaine actually does light a bunch of candles because there’s a power outage at the loft.  Fluffy things ensue.

~800 words

Also available on ffnet and AO3.

Blaine had been enjoying his evening in, complete with a long, hot soak in the tub and plans to catch up on his leisure reading while wearing the softest pair of pajamas he owned, when the power suddenly, inexplicably went out.

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Fic: White Wedding


Kurt does not want a white wedding by any stretch of the imagination. NC-17. 

Blaine catches a corner of the fitted sheet Kurt tosses across the bed as they go through their Sunday morning switch to fresh sheets and Kurt fills the silence throughout the loft by saying, “I’ve been doing some more thinking on our wedding.”

“Do I seem down? I’m okay, honestly, it’s just been a long week. You don’t need to cheer me up with wedding plans.”

They are going to overuse their wedding as a surefire way to cheer the other if they continue this pattern. They talk colors and invitations and dream venue more to enjoy the fantasy than to actually make decisions. Their wedding is something to look forward to and there’s no budget to mind on daydreaming. The future is inviting, or manageable at its worst, with the reminder that Kurt will be there as long as he lives.

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