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oh my god someone write this fic PLEASE i will love you forever

*incoherent screeching noises*

Blaine and Kurt get paired up in stage combat class like, all the time. Because no one would dare go up against Blaine, risk hurting him and facing Kurt’s protective wrath; and because that one time at the beginning of the semester when another partner had accidentally caused Kurt to twist his ankle, his sub had hovered over him for the next twenty minutes after literally sprinting to get ice from god knows where, causing nearly a quarter of the class period to go by with no real work being done as he pleaded for Kurt to stay still and let me take care of you, Sir. (No one could argue with those wide, beautiful eyes, after all, no matter how much they needed the floorspace for practice.)

It’s been months, and it’s common knowledge by now that the closely-bonded couple is definitely better off being paired up together, to avoid any further injuries or class delays that might arise from their separation. The two are so in sync, they make the best match for one another, anyway, so it’s really a win/win situation for the entire group.

Kurt takes the Safety First rule seriously. Incredibly seriously.

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The Journey Itself is Home, Kurt/Blaine, S05x16 reaction fic


The Journey Itself is Home

Blaine is a mess.

He’d love to find a better word. Confused. Upset. Jumbled. Except, then he’d be lying. Again. And that’s the one thing he has to stop because the lying and the hiding and the goddamn pretending can’t be sustained. He’s going to lose it. He’s going to lose him. And he can’t … he can’t …

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Fic: A Little Flirting Won’t Hurt


Because Blaine using awful pick-up lines is probably canon, let’s be real. 930 words, no sp-oilers, PG-13 for implied sex.

“Is there a mirror in your pocket?”


“Is there a mirror in your pocket?” Blaine repeated himself. The shit eating grin on his face had Kurt a little worried, if he was being entirely honest. “Because I see myself in your pants.”

“Blaine, why- since when do you use God-awful pick-up lines?” Kurt asked, facepalming hard and stifling a reluctant laugh into his hands.

“Sam told me he uses them all the time on Mercedes,” Blaine said. “He actually bet me that he could get her into bed using ‘awesome’ lines faster than I could get you.” Blaine air-quoted around “awesome,” pulling a face that showed his true opinion on Sam’s idea of flirtation.

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Fic: Socks in a Box (Klaine, PG)


Summary: Kurt helps Blaine pack and gets flustered by his sock collection. Or, sometimes the most frustrating thing about a relationship is yourself. New New York (5.14) episode reaction. Thanks to chiasmuslovesme and nachochang for the look-over! PG, ~2,000 words.

Also on AO3.

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Socks in a Box

Kurt becomes suddenly, irrationally angry the night before Blaine moves out. Kurt is in their room (well, his room, really – he needs to start thinking of it as his room again, just like he did for all those months, right up until the moment that Blaine decided to move out and Kurt suddenly became comfortable with thinking of it as theirs). He’s folding Blaine’s things into boxes, and Blaine in the kitchen, making a vanilla-and-cinnamon concoction with the SodaStream machine to flavor their nightly warm milk.

It’s not the noise of the machine that sets Kurt off; in the past week, he’s developed a certain affection for it. Even the things that annoy you about the person you love develop an endearing quality when you know those things won’t be a daily part of your existence anymore – or not for a while, at least.

And it’s not the fact that Kurt is alone in the room, packing Blaine’s stuff without Blaine’s assistance. Categorizing things into boxes is one of Kurt’s favorite activities, but it’s hard to do while chatting away with your fiance. Alone, Kurt can focus on the process, enter a meditative state where everything clicks and he understands how to fit it all together.

But then Kurt gets to the socks.

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Bash, Rewritten


Summary: A re-telling of the episode Bash, 5x15, with a closer look at how Blaine deals with what happens when Kurt tries to intervene during a hate crime. 

Can also be read at AO3 or, and keep in mind that this is unbetaed.

The following prompts were submitted to be written in this fic:

  • blainelovesyouyeahyeahyeah prompted “I wanna see Blaine post receiving phone call. I wanna see him rushing to the hospital. Flashbacks to his own beating? Does he end up having to call Burt Hummel? Kurt first waking up?”
  • klainefan001 prompted “couple of days/weeks later blaine has panic attacks/nightmares over flashbacks to sadie hawkins triggered by kurts attack and tries to hide them. ALSO- Kurt waking up klaine scene. ALSO- Blaine not being able to get info on Kurts condition until the hospital speak to K or Burt and Blaine being all worried and scared. ALSO- Blaine travelling to the hospital with Sam after the phone call ALSO Blaine having to call Burt about the attack.”
  • hannakin92 prompted “ I’d like to know what happens after Blaine gets the phone call and until Kurt wakes up. Blaine is worried, in the waiting room. Blaine snuggled up in kurt’s bed waiting for him to wake up. Angst and fluff when he does. would like for Blaine to take kurt home when he is released. Help him up the stairs and to bed; just be really caring and worried and make sure Kurt is comfy.”
  • anonymous prompted “blaine’s been holding himself together in front of kurt, the doctors, and all their friends. he hasn’t even cried about the attack yet, but then burt finds him having a panic attack in the hospital bathroom.”
  • anonymous prompted “my angsty feels want kurt to be hurt worse than he was”
  • anonymous prompted “I’d actually love to see a scene with Burt yelling at Blaine too asking him where the hell he was, why did he move out, what about the promises he made to kurt, etc. Just Burt sort of venting to Blaine without really knowing the whole story about the move out and feeling frustrated he can’t protect Kurt anymore.”

The call sends Blaine into a frenzy. For a split second he thinks it’s a joke, or he’s fallen asleep reading Star Wars fan fiction to Sam, but it feels too real and in the moment Sam lays a hand on his shoulder and asks him what’s wrong, he realizes it’s not a dream.

It’s really happening.

"Kurt—Kurt, he’s—" and god he can’t even say it. “He’s hurt. He’s in the hospital. Something happened, we—we have to—” He feels like he can’t breathe, he can’t get enough air to finish a complete sentence.

Sam just nods and tries to get him to breathe and says, “Alright, okay, let’s go to the hospital then. Come on, get your shoes. I’ll start calling people to let them know something’s happened and to meet us there.”

Blaine shoots past him and slips on his shoes, grabs his coat, and slides the door open. Sam is following directly behind him, talking on his cell phone but keeping a hand on Blaine’s shoulder, keeping him connected and grounded. Blaine is glad he has a friend like Sam who understands what he needs without him having to say it.

Kurt is like that. Kurt knows what he needs without him having to say it. Why would someone do this to Kurt? What if—oh god, Blaine’s stomach lurched, because what if this was bad? What if Kurt was like that guy they went to the memorial for? What if he fell into a coma and never woke up?

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anonymous prompted: college, library, shy ~500 words

“Just go up and talk to him,” Sam spurred, kicking him under the table.

“No,” Blaine whispered. “You can’t just go up to someone in a library, that’s weird. And keep your voice down.”

“You’ve been going to the library every day this time and every time you end up staring at him. Dude, you’re the one being weird.”

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Fic: The Traveling Hoodie


Because clothes sharing + Daddy!Klaine + kids in oversize clothes being adorable is a potent combination. ~950 words, G rated fluffy fluff.

Kurt had almost forgotten about the hoodie.

The hoodie was an ancient, too large NYADA sweatshirt, heathery gray with black screenprinting on the front. He had gotten it years ago as a door prize at orientation, and Blaine had tried to steal it the second he found it in the recesses of Kurt’s dresser because it looked so comfy and warm. Kurt had allowed him to have it for a while, but then one day he needed a hoodie, so he reclaimed it, much to Blaine’s consternation. Ever since then, it had passed between them like a screwy game of Hot Potato, one or the other of them taking it when they were especially cold or especially sad. Any day Kurt came home to Blaine curled up on the couch in the hoodie, limbs barely visible and pout firmly affixed to his face, he knew it was time to dig out their Dawson’s Creek box set and emergency cookies, and Blaine knew to unfreeze a cheesecake and find the Gilmore Girls DVDs any time Kurt was glaring angrily and clad in the hoodie.

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Kurt/Blaine, 1.5k, PG

Bash reaction fic. I’m doing the writing as a tool to work out how I feel about things response now, so… this is really just my mind wandering and justifying certain behaviors, but in fic form. 

"I’m worried," Blaine says to Rachel.

They’re in the waiting room at the hospital. Burt and Kurt are having another of those long talks they keep having. Blaine gets antsy feeling exiled from the space, but Kurt’s being discharged later that afternoon and Blaine can’t help but hope things will feel a little less tense for all of them once Kurt is back home.

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But I’m Here


5x15 reaction fic. Warnings for injuries, references to assault. Not quite NC-17 but I’ll put that up there anyway. 

He can do it himself, has done it himself, but the ointment is sticky and hard to spread around, and every touch to the wound makes him wince and hiss and then his eyes start to water, which makes it trickier to keep applying the ointment.

He can do it, but if Blaine is there- Blaine who is ready to promise him in sickness and in health, Blaine who helped him pee when he was dizzy from the painkillers, and wasn’t that a special new milestone in their relationship?

If Blaine is there, Kurt asks for his help.

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Post-5x15 Fic: Every Little Past Frustration

~3000 words, family friendly other than mentions of the events in Bash.

Blaine’s been really clingy again since the assault, and it’s making Kurt feel like a victim.

Three would have been reasonable. Three is the rule Blaine has made for himself. Three texts go unanswered, he calls. Three phone calls go unanswered, and he’s allowed to text Rachel. If Rachel doesn’t text back straight away, because she always does, he panics.

Three texts, as a starting point, would have been perfectly reasonable, if panic didn’t set in after one, forcing him to send two more almost immediately when the first didn’t get a response.

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