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Hi! I'm Melissa. I'm an unashamed lover of Harry Potter, Glee, Doctor Who, Days of Our Lives, Sherlock, Daniel Radcliffe, Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Klaine, WilSon, and some other stuff thrown in. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce is the hottest character to ever grace the fictional world. Also, I'm an unapologetic fan of the NY Mets.

Things to know about me: Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book, The Wizard of Oz has always been my favorite movie, Les Miserables is my favorite Broadway show, and I don't remember life before Harry Potter. My main ships are: Kurt/Blaine (Glee); Will/Sonny (Days of Our Lives); Luke/Reid (As the World Turns); Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter); Doctor/River (Doctor Who); and basically every ship in the Buffyverse.

Feel free to browse through my pages and to ask me stuff or talk to me. I promise I don't bite!

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i wanna be with you all night—at the insistence of his roommates, Blaine takes advantage of a boring Friday night and heads out to a gay night club, where he has a run-in with a gorgeous man who turns it into the best night of Blaine’s life. (very vague Queer As Folk-ish AU.)


“This is the dumbest idea you’ve ever had, Blaine Anderson,” Blaine mutters to himself as he steps into the club, avoiding looking in the bouncer’s eyes as the music, emanating from the dance floor ahead, begins to wash over him. “And you’ve had some dumb ones before.”

Blaine doesn’t club very often—or at all, really, if he wants to be completely honest, but he’s sick of his roommates at NYU constantly making fun of him for having been in the city for over three months without ever stepping foot in a club, gay or otherwise. So tonight on what could have been a boring Friday night of cramming, and despite a lengthy paper due in a few days, he’d made his way to the nearest gay bar after stressing that he’d wanted to do this alone, had steadfastly kept his head down and ignored the leers from several intimidating-looking men, and had successfully made his way to the dance floor. Which he’s severely regretting going to.

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Such a Good Feeling (To Know You’re Alive)


Warnings: BDSM, sex work, humiliation, exhibitionism, masturbation
Summary: “I guess I just wanted to be the center of attention for a while. Have someone tell me how great I am while I take a little break from life.” Kurt goes to a professional Dom for a nice gentle scene of simple orders and praise.
Rating: Mature
Wordcount: ~7500
Betas: neyronrose and wowbright - Thank you so much! :D

Kurt hesitated on the doorstep. He checked the address on his phone again, looked down the street and then back at the number on the door. It was a townhouse in the middle of a row of them on a quiet cul-de-sac with no visitor parking, and he’d had to walk a couple blocks from the meter where he’d parked. Finally he rang the doorbell with three minutes to spare before his appointment.

A moment later the door was opened by a smiling, handsome man in a bright red polo and rolled-up jeans that revealed his ankles. “Hi!”

“Hi…” Kurt glanced behind him, then back toward the man. “I’m not sure if I’m in the right place…”

“Are you looking for a weird kinky dungeon thing in some guy’s basement?”

Kurt laughed out loud.

“Because if so, you found it!” He stood aside and held the door open as Kurt stepped through. “You must be Kurt.”

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Fic: Distraction of the Best Kind


Summary: first Warblers rehearsal as boyfriends.

A/N: early Klaine, ~700 words

This was my contribution to the klainebookproject. For the book, this ficlet was illustrated by the amazing hoshidess. I’d like to thank her for the collaboration, and mailroomorder for reading this over for me, and also all of the organisers behind the project. You guys are the awesomest of all the awesome! <3


Having a boyfriend is pretty great, Blaine decides. Having a boyfriend who is also your best friend is simply the best thing in the world. There’s kissing now, so much kissing when they’re alone, and hand-holding, and long, warm, drawn-out hugs that make his chest swell with tenderness when Kurt wraps his arms around his back and presses his face against the side of his neck, his hot breath raising goosebumps on the skin just above Blaine’s collar.

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marry me- very much based on x aka it’s a 7.5k fluff fest


Living with Kurt (and the girls) isn’t always a picnic. Which is perfectly fine — he’d done everything he could to be logical, aware that even if it were just Blaine and Kurt in an apartment together, it would still be their first time sharing a space like this and it would still have all the rough spots that come with such a situation. There are arguments and frustrations that crop up between all of them but more often than not, since moving in, Blaine’s noticed that the majority of them are between himself and Kurt.

Sometimes that thought worries him (he knows it worries Kurt, and they’ve talked about it but all they can agree on is that they just need to push through this “adjustment phase”) and sometimes he starts to wonder about, well, them. If they can really do this.

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Kurt comes home one evening and Blaine tries to warm him up from the cold outside in his own special way.

(NC-17, oral)

The tips of Kurt’s ears are flushed with a dark pink as he steps into the warm apartment. “Hey honey,” he calls out to Blaine, who turns his head and smiles, despite the small shiver that runs through him from the cool breeze Kurt brings with him from outside.

“Hey sweetheart, how was your day?” Blaine wants to know, placing his mug on the small coffee table before he gets up from the sofa.

“It was fine, the usual, you know?”

“God, Kurt, look at you,” Blaine says, clicking his tongue as he examines Kurt’s skin that’s flushed red from the chilling cold outside. “Why don’t you ever wear a hat? Or at least some ear muffs?”

Kurt rolls his eyes, in a fond way. “Honey, I’m fine, I can take it. I don’t want to mess up my hair. And besides,” a smile spreads on his lips when Blaine takes his coat off his shoulders, “I’m sure I’m gonna warm up really really fast.”

“Oh really?” Blaine nearly purrs, his lips against Kurt’s ear while his arms wrap around his middle, pulling him close

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Kurt works in a coffee shop that Blaine, a poetry student from NYU, frequents.

When the bell above the door dings Kurt looks at the clock, his heart fluttering. It’s just a little after noon, which means that he’s back. Blaine. Kurt doesn’t know his last name, just knows that he’s a poetry student at NYU, that he looks adorable in bowties and even better in cardigans, and that he’s just barely a year older than Kurt. Kurt also knows that Blaine holds amazing conversations and has made him laugh more than his coworkers ever have.

Kurt fiddles with the machines, finishing up an order and calling out the name. The coffee shop is surprisingly empty for a Tuesday afternoon, just a few stragglers here and there, but Kurt won’t complain. With finals just around the corner the place gets hectic most days, full of harried college students taking a break from the Starbucks around the corner. As a NYADA student Kurt’s exams are more physical than mental, but he still knows exactly what the crunch feels like.

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Going Once
oneshot by foxxed

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Summary: For everywhere Kurt had been looking for his long lost mother’s dresser, he never thought he would find it at an auction in a small town in Maryland. He also never anticipated the auctioneer to be such a dreamboat.

Rating: M
Warnings: auction inaccuracies 
Wordcount: ~7.300
A/N: I’ve been watching a lot of daytime BBC television.

Going Once

Kurt wasn’t used to driving himself anymore, having the liberties of company drivers and taxis since his label took off. The rental car he got at Baltimore airport was decent he guessed, but after an hour driving to Stayton he was officially burnt out and just wanted to get it over with.

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Fic: And Learn to See


And Learn to See
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
AU future fic - set about twenty years into a future in which Kurt and Blaine haven’t met. Until they do.
Word count: 5,100

Summary: Kurt has a store cat, a few loyal celebrity clients, and a retail clerk who’s a little terrified of him. He doesn’t want for anything.

Notes: This story was made much better, and given a title beyond “boutique fic - doc,” by damnpene - thank you!

Also on AO3

- - - - -

On a tree-lined block of Elizabeth Street in Soho stands a quiet boutique with a simple sign out front. Kurt Hummel, Men’s Clothing. It’s been there for over ten years now: one of a few high-end boutiques on this block at first, now surrounded by flashier neighbors, stores with big plate-glass windows facing the street and no one behind the counter who could tell a half-Windsor from a four-in-hand. The sort of people who shop in those stores might peer in the window at Kurt Hummel, but they keep on walking. Which is fine with Kurt Hummel, men’s clothing designer.

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untitled Klaine arranged marriage!au (NC-17)


A/N: This took me ages to finish, but yeah, here it finally is. Thank you to my lovely friend Sarah for helping me with plot ideas (well, plot…), reading through everything and telling me I don’t suck. Also to Jana for cheering me on.

When Blaine entered the bedroom late that night, Kurt was waiting for him in front of the four poster bed wearing nothing but his nightgown. He was fidgeting, wringing his hands, obviously nervous, even more so than he had been during the wedding ceremony and the festivities that had followed, but to Blaine, his new husband was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on.

Only yesterday had they seen each other for the first time and Blaine had known instantly that he could never regret agreeing to this marriage. It had been clear to him from the outset that Kurt felt ill at ease and far less comfortable with the arrangement, but Blaine hoped he would be able to win this man’s friendship, trust, and, dare he hope it, maybe even love. He would certainly strive to be worthy of his husband’s affection.

After he had been standing there, just staring at Kurt for what felt like an eternity and still not nearly enough time to take in his beauty, Blaine became aware that Kurt was starting to grow restless. He was about to say something sweet and reassuring in an attempt to put him at ease when Kurt’s angelic voice echoed through the room.
“W-what do you wish for me to do, milord?”

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i can’t begin to let you know just what i’m feeling—based off of this prompt: Blaine is bipolar, and it’s the first time Kurt’s seen him in a manic phase.


Kurt’s woken, strangely, by the sound of a pencil scratching against paper. At first he burrows into the sheets with a groan, drawing them up over his shoulders as he tries to drown the noise out. When that doesn’t work he sits up instead, rubbing his hands over his eyes as he forces them to focus.

The windows are still dark, and when Kurt looks down at his nightstand the numbers on his clock read 3:07. So it must be 3:07 in the morning. But why—?

The sheets rustle as Kurt turns, sees the stooped outline of a dark head of messy curls at the foot of the bed illuminated by the blue-white glow of an LED flashlight, probably the one that Blaine keeps in his nightstand drawer. Something in Kurt loosens, then, something like relief; he hadn’t even been aware that he’d been tense and on edge until he’d discovered the source of the noise.

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